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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gay and Positive Dating

While anyone can become infected with an STD, certain groups, including gay and bisexual men and young people, are at greatest risk.

Troubling rise in syphilis infections among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men 

Trend data available for the first time show that men who have sex with men (gay) now account for nearly three quarters (72 percent) of all primary and secondar syphilis cases. Primary and secondary syphilis are the most infectious stages of the disease, and if not adequately treated, can lead to visual impairment,
gay and hiv
data coming from CDC
stroke, and in rare cases, even death. Surveillance data from several major cities throughout the country indicate that an average of 4 in 10 gay with syphilis are also infected with HIV. Syphilis infection can place a person at increased risk for HIV infection, or increase an HIV-infected person’s viral load. Given the high prevalence of HIV in the gay community, increasing syphilis infections among men who have sex with men are particularly troubling.

Risk behavior alone does not explain the disproportionate levels of infection among gay and bisexual men. Complex issues like homophobia and stigma also can make it difficult for gay and bisexual men to seek appropriate care and treatment.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia primarily affect young people

gay and positive
Surveillance data continues to show that numbers and rates of reported chlamydia and gonorrhea cases are highest in Americans between the ages of 15 and 24.

Both young men and young women are heavily affected by STDs — but young women face the most serious long-term health consequences. Left untreated, these diseases can silently steal a woman’s chance to have children later in life; it is estimated that undiagnosed STDs cause 24,000 women to become infertile each year.

These data coming from the CDC is terrible, but life still has to continue. Why limit yourself? Meet Positive Singles Now and you will never feel lonely again.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Positive Singles Review

Positive Singles
PositiveSingles.com is an online dating community for singles with a sexual transmitted disease. In the United States alone there are more than 110 million people living with an STD. Worldwide, this number grows to 600 million. There are many singles on this dating service who have herpes, hepatitis, HPV, HIV / AIDS, chlamydia or other STDs and who are looking for someone in a similar circumstance to share their life with, either as a friend or partner. Read on to learn more about Positive Singles and its free and paid capabilities.
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◆The largest, completely anonymous dating site for STD singles and friends in the world.
◆Discrimination-free dating for singles with Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS.
◆A warm-hearted and exclusive community where you can met new friends, partners or potential spouses.
◆Learn about STD medical information and treatments, help and advice.
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◆Dating advice and safety tips over more than 150 articles to help you when you're dating online!
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◆Cycle of 'Featured Members' allowing every Gold user to appear as the featured user for the day.
◆Pay for Gold membership through check card, credit card of paypal.
◆Excellent online FAQs and Support.

PositiveSingles.com - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Herpes Success Story

Ain't love grand? We love to celebrate the success of our members! We define "success" as anyone who benefits from our site in aspects of marriage, faith, friends, and romance. Herpes Dating Website has helped people living with STDs find one another more than any other places. We're excited and proud of all of our successful couples!
Success story from BeautifulLife  (Married)
I met my husband on Positive Singles. We dated long distance for about five months and we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. In August 2009, he flew to New Orleans for some Marine pre-deployment training preparation before he left for Afghanistan and I drive down from Kentucky to see him. He had always said he was going to marry me but I didn't think he was going to right then. He asked me to marry him the first day I got down there and we were married the very next day. The day after we got married, he shipped back to Camp Pendleton. He got two weeks leave to come home to me before his deployment and then he left for the desert for seven months. He has been home since the beginning of June and we could not be happier! I have never been with anyone who loved me for exactly who I am, faults and all. He really is the man of my dreams, as corny as that sounds! Thank you for helping me meet the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with!
                                                           — BeautifulLife , Redondo Beach, United States
Soul Mates by the click of a mouse...  (Engaged)
I was very skeptical at first and really thought at most I'd find a hook up. After talking via phone, text, and emails for about a month we finally met for the first time. We stayed in the restaurant until well after they closed just talking. After many more dates we moved in together and are currently trying to plan out a wedding and trying for our first child. I've never been in love, never knew true love, until him.
Advice to other members:
Give the guys the benefit of the doubt... when you're face to face is when you really see who they are.
                                                               —GvillGrl and jscotty44, Greer, United States
I found someone FANTASTIC here!!!! (Engaged)
I seen Michaels' profile on August 20th and he seemed like a nice normal guy, so I sent him an email. He answered me a couple days later and we talked back and forth for a couple of weeks before we had an opening in our schedules to meet. We met at Il Fornello's for dinner and it was so comfortable that we stayed for hours. Then we went out for coffee until the the coffee house closed and kicked us out.
We continued to chat and email and had our second date on Sept. 5. A movie and dinner. We talked until midnight when I walked him home. We've talked everyday since and we have so much in common (besides our status). We were both looking for someone who would understand what our status meant (and didn't mean). I'm convinced that is going to be a great relationship, and that is why I've left the site.
Thanks for the great service.
                                                               — roblinc , Toronto, Canada
Your site is fabulous and keep to the good work (Dating)
I have first corresponded with the Brazilian Lady from the Positive Single site in April 2009.She did come to England not to see me but to work at first and we did still keep in touch. She is working in Walls. She did come to visit me in London last September and i been to see her and from there Love has developed. No plan to get married but plan to live together when she finish her training.
Your site is fabulous and keep to the good work. A thousand thanks.
                                                               Christian, London, UK
True Love (Dating)
we now live together. and have truely relized that we love eachother to spit our differences and we always work things out. *MUAH*

—desplay and sassydc419, Bryan, United States

Please visit Herpes Success Stories and STD Inspirational Stories for More.

PositiveSingles.com - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!
PositiveSingles.com - Best, Most Trusted & Largest Anonymous STD Dating Site!

Herpes Dating Sites Reviews

At least a quarter of the American population has one form of herpes or another, whether they know it or not. Unfortunately, it is just as prevalent in most countries around the world today. Many people start to give up hope of finding true love and running off into the sunset with that special someone. Actually it is not difficult to find thousands of others living with herpes, in your region and around the world. We have done the digging for you and are here to deliver the goods on many herpes dating sites, so you can find the perfect one for your personality and needs without wasting hours of your own time.

The Largest and Best Online Herpes Dating Site - PositiveSingles.com
650,000+ members and 150,000 daily active members according to the report from SiteLatitude.
500+ blog posts per day. 24,000+ total blogs.
The chat room generates 110,000 instant messages per day.
Unique features: Online STD counselor, STD dating tips, STD inspirational stories and many privacy settings that ensure your privacy.
Visit Positive Singles Now

Best HSV Dating Site - HSVcupid.com
HSV chatroom
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STD blogs

The Largest Anonymous Herpes Community - Dating After Herpes
After Herpes
What is Herpes.
Sex Life After Herpes.
Herpes During Pregnancy.
Date Other People with Herpes.
Find the one who has herpes at the largest Herpes Group

How Do I Tell My Partner I Have Herpes

Generally, genital herpes will not cause any other major health problems if you are, by and large, a healthy person.

However, genital herpes can affect you in ways other than physical health. Concern about outbreaks or of spreading the disease to your partner or your baby may cause you to feel scared, anxious, stressed, and even depressed. Also, depending on how you contracted the disease, you may feel betrayed, angry, and alone. How can you break the news without breaking up?

◆ Pick a comfortable location, where you feel comfortable and the surrounds are familiar.
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◆ Compose your thoughts, and plan what you are going to say in advance. You don't want to be too blunt. She may not take the news so well.

◆ Begin by complimenting her.

◆ Lay it all out there. Tell her that you have an STD. Explain in detail what it is and what it means for your relationship if the two of you decide to have a sexual relationship.

◆ Tell her the ways that she can avoid getting it from you, so that she has an understanding that things can still work for both of you. If you are in an advanced, adult relationship, you will probably also need to be ready to allay her anxieties about having children. Know your facts on this ground rather than making anything up; have the information already. Think of options, such as adoption, if this causes an issue.

◆ And really when it comes down to it... You need to speak with someone that is going through the same thing as you. If you do not have a close doctor or partner to share and discuss this with, you are likely to find additional advice through an online Support Group.

Though you may be very familiar with your surroundings, stay away from public areas to avoid any embarrassment.

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What is Genital Herpes?
Herpes Dating Sites Reviews

Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men

Genital herpes is a lifelong disease that causes painful outbreaks of blisters in the genital area. Herpes simplex virus can infect men and women equally, but the pattern of infection is different.

Herpes symptoms in men can vary greatly from one individual to another, with some men exhibiting obvious signs of infection, while others' symptoms are so mild that they go unnoticed. Not surprisingly, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that, although one out of every nine American men between the ages of 14 and 49 is infected, nearly 80% of those with genital herpes (or HSV-2) are unaware that they carry the virus.
You’re not alone. First thing you have to understand is that the Herpes virus is very very common. Even the ancient Greeks knew about how often the herpes virus got around.

It is estimated that 56% of the male adult population have Oral Herpes (cold sores) otherwise known as HSV-1. However many of these men don’t even know they have Herpes or have very few herpes symptoms such as herpes sores or blisters. Typically these will occur around the lips but can occur in the nose, the mouth, cheeks, or even the eye!

It is estimated that about 20% of the U.S male adult population have genital herpes otherwise known as HSV-2. Again, many of these guys don’t know they have it or aren't experiencing outbreaks. Or they are just living in denial that they have something strange occuring “down there”. Typically these outbreaks will occur around the genital area.

The symptoms of genital herpes in women and men are primarily the same. Here’s some Male Herpes Symptoms to look for.
Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men
(Picture of Herpes Symptoms in Men: Herpes Blisters on Penis)

Herpes lesions/sores/blisters. 63% of men get this. Herpes sores are the #1 indicator of male herpes symptoms. For oral herpes these can occur on your lips, cheeks, mouth, nose, or inside mouth. Though usually on the lips. For genital herpes these occur on penis, around penis, inner legs, and even on buttocks. Usually these outbreaks start with itchiness then get painful then turn into blisters. Here’s some good pictures of what herpes looks like.
Male Genital Herpes Photo
Male Genital Herpes Photo
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Herpes Dating Online 
Tired of Being Alone? Meet Singles With Herpes Free Now!

Listen, if you see these kind of sores you need to go and get tested! Quit having sex and see a doctor. There’s many testing options that you can use.

Fever, malaise, headache, flu. 39% of men get this in primary outbreaks. For me I got flu-like symptoms during my primary outbreak. These herpes symptoms are not so common in recurrent outbreaks.

Painful urination or penis discharge. These symptoms occur in up to 44% of men during the primary outbreak. The reason for this is you could be getting an outbreak in the urethral track. Yes! You can even get herpes inside the penis! However this symptom occurs less than 10% of the time in recurrent outbreaks.

Swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small glands that are located under the jaw, in the neck, the underarms, and in the groin. During a herpes outbreak these areas can get swollen and sensitive. This is a very common herpes symptom in men and occurs in 80% of primary outbreaks and 25% of recurrent outbreaks.

Itchy areas. Itchiness and skin irritation is a big sign that you have male herpes symptoms. It really occurs during recurrent outbreaks (85% of the time). It pretty much always occurs before I break out in herpes blisters. My skin gets really itchy and irritated either around the lips or in the groin area.

Other symptoms. Here’s a list of some other symptoms:
  • skin cracks/fissures
  • areas that look like skin is rubbed off
  • small white dots (looks like pimples)
  • pain down the legs
What Should You Do Next if you Have Herpes Symptoms in Men?

Go get tested. You have some options here. If you have an active outbreak you can go for a culture test at your doctors. Or you can go to a testing lab like GetStdTested and get it done confidentially on your own. If you do that, you'll still have to visit a doctor for Herpes Medications.

Tell your partner. I have written on my website how to tell someone you have Herpes. It's a good idea to tell your partner about your condition.

Keep Dating Your love life is not over. You'll have to make a few minor changes in the way you date. Consider using a Herpes Dating Site. That way your partners will totally understand.

It’s not the end of the world or your health if you have these symptoms, the important thing is to take a deep breath then take some action.

Pregnant Woman with Herpes

Genital Herpes and Pregnancy
Pregnant Woman with Herpes
Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) impacts 40% of women across the U.S. Pregnant women with herpes can transmit the virus to the skin, eyes, brain or central nervous system of their newborn. About 25% pregnant women is infected with genital herpes, although most do not know it . If you are pregnant and have genital herpes, you probably don't need to worry. A woman with recurrent herpes rarely passes the infection to her newborn.

Oral Herpes and Pregnancy
If you have an outbreak of oral herpes while you are pregnant, don't worry. It shouldn't harm your pregnancy. However, after birth, if you have a cold sore, don't kiss your baby until it has healed completely to prevent giving the baby the infection.

Low risk during pregnancy if you have genital Herpes
If you get genital herpes for the first time during your first three months of pregnancy, there’s a small risk of miscarriage.

High risk during pregnancy if you have genital Herpes
If you get genital herpes for the first time later in your pregnancy, particularly within six weeks of giving birth, there won’t be enough time for your immune system to protect your baby. You’ll be offered a caesarean section for the birth, so that your baby doesn't come into contact with any active sores. With a vaginal birth, the risk of passing on a newly caught infection to the baby is about 4 in 10 (40%). If a baby becomes infected at birth, the condition is called neonatal herpes. In the UK, this condition is very rare, affecting 1-2 in every 100,000 babies born. Neonatal herpes can cause infection in the baby’s skin, eyes, brain and other organs.

How does herpes affect the process of getting pregnant? I have herpes before pregnancy.
If you get genital herpes for the first time before you become pregnant, you’ll have antibodies to the virus. You’re unlikely to need a caesarean section, even if you get more attacks while you’re pregnant, because the antibodies will protect your unborn baby. The risk of passing an infection to your baby during a vaginal birth is very low, estimated to be around 1-3%. However, if you have active sores when your labour starts, your doctor or midwife will discuss the birth with you, so you can decide how you want your baby to be born.

Genital Herpes Treatment During Pregnancy
Women taking antiviral drugs for herpes -- either daily suppressive therapy or occasional therapy for outbreaks -- should consult their doctor about whether to take the drugs during pregnancy. The answer is not set in stone: You and your doctor have to discuss the risks and benefits to decide what's right for you.
Herpes infection in a newborn is also serious. Do not allow anyone with a cold sore on the mouth to kiss the baby. If you have a cold sore, don't kiss the baby, and wash hands with soap and water before touching the baby.